The goal of this activity was to familiarise youths with the concepts of digital and social media marketing as important tools to ensure the success of a business venture. Youths were introduced to Digital Marketing and the opportunities that can arise from it in the modern market. After the end of the activity, youths improved their ability to utilize the internet and social media in order to promote their businesses and/or themselves online. In addition, teachers (youth workers) attended the same course to provide the same training to youth groups formed in each participant country and help the trainees to better understand the content of the courses.


The non-formal training methods used in this activity were project and problem-based learning so that the participants have a hands-on experience of how to create websites, reach a larger digital and conventional audience with their social business, analyse data, create necessary content for their businesses using projects as a means to introduce them to all these activities. In addition to that, the participants created some short videos.


The participants gained a good understanding of the opportunities that digital marketing offers them for the purpose of reaching a larger audience and communicating the positive impact of their social businesses and are now able to use the digital tools that are provided by the internet to implement the promotion of their social businesses and themselves.


Day 1 – 23 May
  • Online opportunities

  • Web Presence

  • SEM and SEO

  • Search ads and Search campaigns

  • Analytics

Day 2 – 24 May
  • Local marketing,

  • Social media marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc)

  • Mobile marketing

  • Email marketing

Day 3 – 25 May
  • Online shops

  • Online business strategy

  • Content marketing

  • Advertisements

  • Video utilization

Day 4 – 26 May
  • Presentation of successful examples of social businesses from the country of venue

  • Presentation of ideas for social enterprises

  • Short video creation

Day 5 – 27 May
  • Meeting evaluation

  • Awarding

  • Certificates of Participation

  • Gheorghe Baritiu nr.16, Arad, Romania


  • Participants: 3 youths plus 1 teacher from each partner country. In total: 15 youths from 5 countries and 5 teachers participated in the mobility.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5