1. Souzanna Petri Crafts

Suzanna Petri Crafts is an SMEs in Nicosia, Cyprus. It is run by a young woman entrepreneur, with a lot of passion and love towards her artworks. As she admits, her dreams since she was a little girl was to open her own workshop between the walls of Nicosia city. She takes over projects from all around the world and dhe also offers lessons in students who want to learn the art of craftmanship! Arts & Crafts Store Facebook

2. LKL Cypriot Traditional Secrets & Rouvis Lace & Silver

These bussinesses are famous for promoting traditional Cypriot culture and using traditional old-times materials to create everyday products. Ruvis lace & Silver is a store in Ano Lefkara, Cyprus which crafts handmade lace and silver products, following traditional Cypriot technics. LKL Cyrpiot Traditional Secrets exploits raw material grown in Cyprus, and transforms them into natural everyday products.

Cultural Gifts Store · Ethnic Grocery Store · Wine, Beer & Spirits Store Facebook

3. Rouvis Lace & Silver

Silver and gold jewellery! Hand made “LEFKARITIKA” embroidery! Facebook