1. JSC “Eurotela”

Eurotela is a social enterprise providing professional publicity and market research services since 2006.

They partner with governmental, public and business companies and agencies and offer them a wide spectrum of services and a flexible approach. They use EU structural funds for the integration of the disabled to the job market in order to give their employees and opportunity to develop their professional skills.

The investment into their employees has gained recognition at the state level. They have received an award „For integrating socially vulnerable persons into the job market““ as well as recognition from the Minister of Social Security and Labour Donatas Jankauskas, Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius and Lithuanian Labour Exchange.

The visitor can learn more about the company through the company’s website.

2. JSC “Dominus Projektai”

Dominus Projektai is a social business in the field of Building administration. The company takes care of the maintenance of buildings and ensure their functionality 365 days a year. They offer a full package of maintenance services with various combinations of services which is provided in a 24-hours a day, 7-days a week basis.

The company is a private non-profit organization. They have 17 employees in total and 3 people in management. Out of the total of 17 employees, nine of them are people with disabilities, which range from health problems to psychological problems. The average age of employees is around 50 years old.

Dominus Projektai is a successful social business that has a robust financial condition with no debts, as they are managing 15 large building in the city of Klaipeda.

The visitor can learn more about the company through the company’s website and Facebook page.